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Body, Mind, Spirit, and Emotion.
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Release Tension And Refocus Your Energy

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Are you suffering from chronic pain? Have you been feeling lost or misguided? Turn to Casper Reflexology & Spa based in Evansville, WY for help. A specialized reflexology session or energy healing services might be just what you've been looking for. I will use wholistic methods to empower you to heal your body, mind, spirit and emotions. When you come to me, you'll experience the power deep relaxation and focused energy can have on your mental and physical health.

Transfer positive energy where you need it most

If you want to achieve relaxation and balance (homeostasis) within your body, my energy healing services can help. I use feather tapping, chakra balancing and Reiki techniques to help clients channel more energy into themselves and disperse the energy throughout their bodies. Focusing your energy can help stimulate areas that need to heal.

Every session begins with a discussion about your concerns, changes in your condition or intentions for your treatment. Reach out to me today to learn more about what to expect from your session.

I welcome First Responders and the Military to my shop. I offer a 50% discount off all 60 minute sessions to the families as well. ID is required.

Relieve stress and anxiety, Relax, Take time for yourself. Being part of this wonderful business of selflessness and giving means you need to take time for yourself! You deserve a break! Gift certificates are available. Watch for monthly specials.