Feather Tapping

BT (Balance Toe) introduced the Rainbow Clan's traditional Art of Feather Tapping and the energy power, clearing and healing it creates with feathers in the Casper WY area in 2016. I was fortunate enough to participate in the first class here in Casper, WY.

Your body receives an entire energy cleanse - which aligns your chakras, pressure points and spiritual light so you may be able to overcome pain, depression and or stress. Different types of feathers are used on your entire frontal body according to your current situation.

I continue studying Feather Tapping with Tai Christensen who is Northern Cheyenne on her father's side and Chippewa Cree on her mother's.

Many consider feather tapping a spiritual or religious ceremony or ritual. Typically, my sessions start with a guided meditation and prayers of gratitude. This is an Enhanced Service (90 minutes).

Feathers represent ascension and spiritual strength.

When focused, we lose ourself to the finer lighter energies and begin to feel ourselves relax into the knowledge of our presence within the universe. I may perform a traditional session, but more than likely, this will be a unique session depending on your needs at the time of the session. This may be a guided meditation, a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual session. I look forward to assisting you on this journey.

This is truly a remarkable experience as your body receives "light" energy while you're wrapped in a Buffalo fur while American Indian Flutes and drum music are being played through the meditation process. After meditation, you are unwrapped and caressed by feathers from your feet to your head. The entire process is about 1.5 hours (90 minutes). This is a part of the enhanced services.