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I have to editorialize a little while I share these web links. BE AN INFORMED SELF-ADVOCATE. The information provided here has not been evaluated by the FDA. I am not a doctor, I do not diagnose, treat, or cure physical illness or dis-ease. Consider everything you read and form your own conclusions.

Just because something is natural or organic, does not necessarily mean that it is safe or harmless. Poison Ivy, is natural and organic, but no one wants to play in it.

Likewise, just because the FDA approves a medication or procedure, does not mean it is safe. Have you listened to the advertisements for FDA approved medication - side effects up to and including death? Lack of FDA approval does not mean that something is bad or dangerous.

Doctors do not cure everything, modern medicine and FDA approval does not cure everything. Many integrated methods of health care can reduce pain and inflammation, giving a better quality or comfort to the life you are living.

Some of these recommended readings do not totally support the use of essential oils, as related on other pages of this website. Again, I ask that you be INFORMED and make you own decisions. Essential Oils are safe when used as directed by the manufacturer. If you purchase other brands, please follow the directions that come with the brand that you purchase.

Recently a Consumer Advocate group evaluated 11 well known Essential Oil companies. (3 oils each company -lavender, peppermint, & tea tree) . They tried for 12 but as you will see, Noticeably missing is Young Living, much to my disappointment. However, apparently Young Living did not like the results and threatened to sue. As I have always recommended to my clients - BE INFORMED - MAKE EDUCATED CHOICES. I highly recommended reading!